Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clouds Stay My Soul

arches portals and gates
the cloud


as I dream


stay at home Mom

hot chocolate in

I'll make breakfast-in-bed

all day



abuzz with on-demand


doing very odd things

showing me

what is happening in the heavens

and that totally amazes me

swirly-whirly spirally

Mommy cloud sleeps with billowy white nightie on

as a happy baby light being energy eagerly

 born to levitate

punch drunk happiness

hard to contain myself

I want to float up to them and hug them

as I tend to do as I feel-see this

wonderful sight

oh how I miss them



they are happily


in freedom's billowing breezes

above my floating dream

so glad they showed up today

won't disturb this playful and joyful moment

this rare intimacy

between mother and newborn son

between this family of lighter-than-air clouds

watery things

the medium

sees the elemental truths

why not cry?

you are scrying across the sky


I send you my love

knowing that

very soon


I'll be dancing the light

 across the sky with you one day

but today

only seems like another day

you are here now

comforting brokenness

remember who I am

and is where you are


where I want to be

where you are

clouds above my head

clouds within my heart

clouds stay my soul





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