Sunday, October 28, 2012

Willow Manor Ball 2012

fastidious prepping pre "showtime"
ty my date pre-event; notice the ped
yes I am "ty"ing one on
mr. topsy approved
je arrivez pour la maison de Willow Manor
Met Veronica Lake by the Scioto River
After that we entered the Willow Manor Ball
everyone was bellying up to the bar
ordering drinks
it was time to cut a rug with one fine half-blooded Argentine
Where did he go?
A splendid Ball from the hostest the mostest I might add...:)
Greatly admiring Willow's original Louis De Cullery
on the Manor's wall, I did think how much time does not change very much
and how we are all wearing masks
After a while, things got a little crazy when Gaga started chewing on Yoko's hat
so we, the wild ones, were herded off to the barn
where a club like atmosphere continued with dj and stocked bar
by dawn's early light we notice a creative display on the fence
it was a wonderful party, Ty and me got to meet many famous and many not so famous and infamous as well...all in all a fantastic party, the crepes were to die for and it is time to enjoy the after party pick-me-up that of which the hostess with the mostest is famous~
Thank-you Tess and everyone~ see you next year~!!!


  1. Oh! That coach! Those SHOES!
    I shall simply DIE of jealousy!

    Have fun!
    A do beleieve this is my favorite bloggie of the daya!



  3. Such a fun and energetic party ~ I also like the painting on the manor's wall too ~

  4. excusez; Je arrivez "a" la m'excuse~

  5. I'm hiding in a closet until Lady Gaga leaves. I owe her money.

  6. Such colourful pictures to spice up your dancing.

  7. Wonderful recap of the night .... we did have fun, yes? Gobs of it. I have Jude tucked safely away in my bed chamber.

  8. You look stunning, my friend! I wondered what was going on outside near the fence...I rather like's art! I might try to steal your little be-hatted doggy...adorable!

  9. You're certainly a smash hit. That!

  10. Nobody enjoys a Ball like you, chiccoreal! Fabulous post...see you around!

  11. Guess you were out to the barn before I got to meet you. I was busy catching up with dancing and friends.

  12. ...hey, and Ty will be handy if any repairs need to be made. Love all the photos you were able to take. Just a splendid party.

  13. That Veronica was quite the party animal, wasn't she? I think she chatted (read "flirted") with every man at the party. I gave her a dirty look when she batted her eyelashes at Leonard, and she went off in a huff, which was fine by me. You, on the other hand, were a pleasure to talk to. You and Ty made a beautiful couple. See you next year!

  14. Loved it!! Particularly the part where your crafty date glued on my lost feathers!

  15. Blushing...ah the fence and bottles....the infamous end to that drinking game you invented rather early on...take a drink anytime someone yells "chicken", or was it "Jude", or maybe...I guess that's why there are so many bottles out there....sorry Tess!! Excuse me while I go make some remedy to get me through the morning!

  16. (in case you DIDN'T know) (said by the most infamous Tennessee Williams..great date btw..Tess..I hear he cant drive...) hmmm yet he was driving in the film...must be movie magic~:))) T'is~!!!