Monday, July 2, 2012


                                                   Ophelia by Odilon Redon

 Ophelia Never More

you wretched, life
Ophelia! your flesh is laid waste
to blister under such abject poverty
your bleached strawberry blonde locks
left to mock the life you possessed
taken away
as life did this to you...made a watery grave; life laid these snares for you!
 Oh bitter pill, made her body lay prostrate on the untouched shores of eternity
Ophelia...dear sweet one, listen to me;
so soon departed your soul from this life's untimely hold
you need to travel to where we will meet but life will not have it!
continue these swells, these gargling sounds of mocking
the mumering water so fondly I wish to hold you, lay my face in your fleece
dear Martry'd Ophelia! For Love you died, Not for this Life...I know!
that I may find you there will be my most ambitious goal!
Ophelia my promised wife, we will be wed on the otherside of tomorrow!
for only this life created these minnow that swim between your flesh
as life plays this cruel joke on us!

as only fish now tend to unite us, schools us as our mentor
as fish only know a short life, as we feel them swimming between us
caressing us, in electric energies of life, which is not known in your body now
but I feel the fish are you~touching me as I touch you
around her corpulent, semi-fetid once uncorruptible flesh
Life you test us, make us relent to resent the day we were born
how many blows does it take to extinguish the fire of my undying love
floating like a dead log on the river of life?

for none could now her persistence
her unrelinquished love for life
Sweet Ophelia, save yourself from these lies
from the trauma, the tragedy left to roost
on your fated yet always beautiful freckled skin
restore your soul to mine
as we walk swift-footed in the lands to come

blistering red crimson sun
scorched my love with your blistering bitterness
your every inch Ophelia is my saving grace
as now you now such a peaceful repose
your beauty remains untouched
as only the devil would leave you undone in the hellish sun
ah to remove these layers of fate back to the beginning of time
and start again the way it should have been all along
but was not to be

Oh, Ophelia!        
breached you lie upside down and hang like a floating angel
swaying with each breaking wave, following Nature's course
Yet I curse the daylight that does not awaken you
as it is for me to do this to you!
how do i breath life into you when you have already departed?

these haunting memories of how cruel life has been to you
as i recoil from these sickening breathless breeze that I feel
as i desire to smoother myself in your flotsam hair
we are to love to another; the words have been written
set in stone
Ophelia, you are my capstone!
Life, certainly, cannot undo this, we said our I do's
cling onto me, sweet, you are precious Ophelia
yet what a precarious life!
Your peachy skin now pockmarked by too cruel a life
Dear Ophelia, your joys were so few and far between
for such a beloved smile to melt my heart

I watched as your heart grew weak,
yet your soul remains ever-green to this Knight
no more broken covenants, promises unfufilled, or contracts reneged
low, nothing can now take away our unrequitted life dispite the odds of this respite
no one could hold a candle to you Ophelia, save your mourners that gather this eve

How can I reset the glow of such palor?
renew that in which you believed to be yours
Ophelia, your righteousness place in love's armour
wedded to this infinite bliss, your heart to mine; this love is unstoppable

Ophelia, my love you were;
         never to know me, to share this bed
         never to know our first born's full-bellied happy childbirth
         never to know this joy m'lady in waiting; wanting only love

          now the briny seaweed covers your lively locks
          takes liberty with your feminine form
          now only the silence of lapping waves can tell
          our love, a gift, to be this life
          a present from the angels above
          slowly the earth stops and leaves unresolved this unnatural calm
          unhinges the best of us a bequest, an unknown request of the unfathomable
          silent spring waters seeth with the deep
          encircling the tendril'd rivelets of our hearts' unravelling threads
          winding through the undulating rivers recorders playing the reeds dirge
dawn has left unfocused a fog that leaves only uncomforting peace
as the valet of violet morning mists descend and surround us
Ophelia Returns!
Golden goddess of my unsettling sunsets
i rub my eyes
who unearthed the soil of my heart
laid open, raw, and bleeding
soon, we will be reborn as Nature willing
Ophelia you no longer need to hear
these pleas from me
unwanted news of life's too many unnecessary sorrows
as this sad tale, truly a sorry story that no one wants, nor needs,
not even me should ever
bare repeating
for we no longer will allow our hearts to hear this refrain of our spoken pain

we will encourage only for our hearts to allow our senses
but I will continue to listen to the sounds of the distant waves
reminding me of the endless day when we will be together
Ophelia you are Never more but you are here
as you remain in my heart
and i will remain,in love with you
but in life, I am Never here


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Once again, thank-you dear Tess~!!!


  1. Powerful stuff, very impressive, Chicco---real!

  2. Whoa! Outstanding...such a powerful pouring of your soul. Excellent. Very impressive in deed! Will be back to see more...

  3. So passionately Saturnine , JJ , i ennoyed this outpouring of something so real.